Five Basic Steps To Becoming A Classical Composer

Making a living as a composer of classical music is not an easy road. However, if you want to attempt composing, there are a few basic steps to achieving your dream.

The first step to becoming a classical composer is to learn the basics of music. Start this as early as possible. In order to compose music, you will need to know the notes of both the bass and treble clef.

It is also vital that you learn how to play a Read the rest of this entry »

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Which US City Offers The Best Concert Halls

When it comes to concert halls, New York City has to be the best place in the U.S. to visit for great classical and jazz music. Featuring an amazing number of concert halls and fine venues, all are well known for great acoustics and fascinating history as well.

Probably the best known among New York City concert halls Read the rest of this entry »

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NYC’s Best Jazz Clubs

If you live in or around New York you know jazz music. Bust out that smartphone or use your HughesNet to locate some of our favorite jazz bars in the city and have yourself a smooth, relaxing night out:
Jazz Standard Review: Ah, the old classic. They’re always bringing in big names and there’s nothing more speakeasy feeling than the basement at the Standard. If you want an authentic feel, this is your jam.
Arthur’s Tavern: A bit less high-brow, Arthur’s hosts some sort of jazz every night of the week from classic to Dixieland. There’s no cover charge which is a rarity for NYC and you can get some of the cheapest beer this side of NoHo. Arthur’s is the kind of place that turns the other cheek when you light up a cigar.
Blue Note: You’re going to have to pay if you want a table here but boy does Blue Note have it down. They’re located in the West Village and they attract some of the best talent in the city – if you can score a table here it’s worth the cost.

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US Cities With The Most Jazz Performers

Jazz music is still alive and well and has even made somewhat of a comeback in recent years. Still, jazz gigs are tough to come by if you do not live in the right area. There are a few hotbeds for jazz around the country as there always have been. The places with the most jazz musicians are still the same as they were in the 40s and 50s.

New York City is probably the first city that comes to mind when thinking about where jazz performers Read the rest of this entry »

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So You Want To Learn About Jazz Musicians.

Learning about jazz musicians and the amazingly rich and varied history of jazz music is a journey of discovery into the very heart of the American arts. Particularly rewarding is the study of jazz from its inception through present day performers and compositions, revealing an amazing diversity of styles, sub-genres, innovators and performers making up the history of this amazing art form.

Jazz is considered to have been created in the beautiful and historic city of New Orleans, although the term “jazz” owes it Read the rest of this entry »

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Up And Coming Jazz Musicians In The Industry Today

Traditional Jazz is officially back! As usual, in American Jazz music, one doesn’t have to go too far from the Bayou to find the sounds that draw us in and keep us listening. With the success of HBO’s “Treme,” the country is back to jumping about Jazz. Particularly jazz with Preservation Hall themes. Two acts featured on Treme, that are exploding onto the National Jazz scene as well are Kermit Ruffins, and Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews.

Kermit, hailed as Read the rest of this entry »

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What Jazz Musicians Need To Know In The Industry

Jazz musicians, of all the performing, composing and recording musicians working in the music industry today need to be well-informed as to the many opportunities and pitfalls present in this volatile and often confusing business. Musicians in general often struggle to find opportunities to earn a living above subsistence wages, and with the long decline in the popularity and celebration of the jazz music genre, jazz musicians in particular can be hard-pressed to find steady work and grow their careers satisfactorily.

Jazz musicians should not despair, however, as there are plenty of opportunities for success if one knows Read the rest of this entry »

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